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About Us

Who We Are

Footsteps is a Christian ecumenical organization.  We love each other because God first loved us. We are a diverse community of Christians from many different churches and from every walk of life. We focus on our shared faith and ideals that unite us in Christ and respect those things which are different.

What We Do 

We are a lay-led community that pools our energy, skills and knowledge to provide renewal retreats to Christians, with a focus on sharing our faith with others. The active participation of the clergy is vital to our success.

How We Do It

  • We provide a three-day renewal weekend where participants are immersed in an outpouring of love, learn more about their Christian walk, and are inspired to be more active in their church’s ministry.

  • We support pastors and churches in strengthening and building their church by providing enthusiastic Christian leaders and people dedicated to serving the Lord.

  • Through our community's activities, we continue to support  members in their Christian walk after the weekend. 

  • Coming from different denominations and perspectives, we live out the oneness Jesus prayed for in John 17:20-23.


While Footsteps in the Sand was incorporated in 2022, it is  building on our community's experience in holding over 200 similar retreat weekends in the Fairfield County area. 

We believe:

  • God loves each of us, just as we are, despite our imperfections. 

  • The way to respond to God’s love is to love and serve others.

  • Each follower of Jesus has a unique calling.

  • The Christian walk is taken one step at a time thus the name Footsteps.​

  • The Holy Spirit dwells in us to guide and empower us.

  • Christ walks with us and carries us when times are difficult.

  • We need to support our pastors and our churches' ministries.

  • Our Christian journey is supported by our Study, informs our Action and is motivated by Love.

  • There is a tremendous benefit in people of different denominations coming together focusing on what we have in common in Jesus Christ and respecting our differences.

Download a Footsteps Brochure

Print on both sides of the paper - flip on the short side

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