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Updated Weekends

Weekends are Shorter!

The Weekends now start Friday, instead of Thursday,  which makes it easier for those serving on team and cuts the cost by a third.


Building on Years of Experience

Our Footsteps Community has held more than 200 successful Weekends so we wanted to stick with our winning formula.  While the talks have been updated, the format of the Weekend will be much the same with Chapels to start and end the day, people sitting at tables, lots of music, and two Table Chapels. All those things have not changed!


People are EXCITED!

Some of our longtime members want to attend the new Weekend because it is so much better. They want a new mountain top experience.  In fact, two of the ladies who attended Women's #1 had already attended a Weekend with in a different 4th Day Community,  and they loved it. You can go again, too!


Focused on the Local Church

The whole purpose of these Retreats is to provide local churches with people on fire for Jesus and eager to serve.


New Updated Program

By reincorporating in 2022, our community has new freedom to update our program to better meet the needs and challenges for Christians in today's world.  New talks have been added  and the less effective ones removed. We think you'll like it!

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Change Can Be Hard

Friends, the international organization we used to be a part of closed the door on our community.  But the door has been opened to a new and better Retreat Weekend.  We thank God for the how the Holy Spritit has moved within this transition process. We hope you are as excited about the possibilities as we are. 

Bible Lessons
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