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Information for Pastors 

Pastors need help!

  • Declining membership results in fewer people available to serve.

  • Aging membership means fewer are able to serve.

  • Pressures on finances have led to cuts in staff.  

  • And the pandemic has only made things worse!

Christian renewal is needed now more than ever
  • Due to these troubled times, the love of many has grown cold.

  • Society has a negative view of organized religion.

  • Many who think of themselves as Christian do not have a close walk with Christ.

  • The last two years has resulted in people becoming accustomed to not going to church.

Benefits to Clergy

Church members who attend these retreat weekends come back inspired and energized.

People move from sitting in the pews to participating in the ministry of their church.

Christian leaders are developed to assist the pastor in leading the church.

Pastors who serve on a Weekend feel renewed and encouraged themselves.

Here's What Pastors are Saying

"It’s renewal, discipleship, and leadership training in a 'crash course.'  

Who wouldn’t want their lay people to take part in this?!"


"I love this laity-driven program where people can learn to be a leader

and live out their Christianity."


"Pastors should encourage their people to attend the retreat to deepen their faith and to get new ideas on how to better serve the congregations of which they are a part."

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