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What People Are Saying
About Footsteps in the Sand

A Life Changing Experience!

"It's an amazing time of renewal and affirmation of God's love, presence, and guidance in our life."

"It is a weekend full of renewal and hope."

"Falling in love with Christ all over again!"  

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Retreat Weekends

"You get away from the world and come to a closer walk with Christ."

"It is a vacation from the normalcy of life and immerses me in God's love."

"For three days your very thoughts change with your focus on Jesus through music, the featured talks, and worship times."

Here's What Pastors are Saying

"You come out renewed and with a keen desire to tell the whole world about what God has done and is doing in your life"


"Perfect for those who already have faith in Jesus,

and who want to develop an even stronger faith."


"It's a full-on Discipleship course in just one weekend...And it's truly 'accessible' for one's spiritual journey no matter how far along one may be."

Celebrating Our Unity in Christ

"Footsteps seeks to focus on what we have in common in Jesus Christ

and respect our differences."

"We are inclusive of all those who profess Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior."

"A Footsteps Weekend is great because it brings various denominations together

and bridges the gap between laity and clergy."

Download a Footsteps Brochure

Print on both sides of the paper - flip on the short side

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