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Retreat Agenda

God Loves You

Keynote Address

Your Christian Walk

God’s Grace


Loving God

The #1 Thing - Love

The Holy Spirit


The Church

Loving God

Loving Others

Christian Action 

Sharing is Caring 

Christian Leadership   

Your Journey Forward

Your Fourth Day 

Carefully Crafted from
40 years of Experience

The Retreat Weekends have been carefully crafted benefiting from our experience holding more than 200 Retreats over the last four decades.  The program has been completely revised in 2022 so as to relate more closely to the world today.  Each Weekend is conducted by a team of 20 volunteers, including two members of the clergy,  coming from a variety of churches and denominations in this area. Our goal is to inspire and empower participants to go back home ready to work with their pastor in the ministry of their church.  Our closing charge to each participant is, "Christ is counting on you!"

Download a Footsteps Brochure

Print on both sides of the paper - flip on the short side

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