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Women's Weekend #3

June 2-4, 2023

OLC Official chapel shot.jpeg

OLC Chapel

Women's #2Team TBD

Weekend Leader

Assistant Weekend Leader

Chief Auxiliary

Music Director

Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director

Your Christian Walk 

The #1 Thing 




Christian Leadership 

Table Leader 

Table Leader





Tech Auxiliary



It may be YOU!

Let us know you would like to serve on the team by going to the Footsteps Communiy tab and click on the "I Want to Serve on Team" button.

Nancy Maloney 
Women's # 3 Weekend Leader 

We have wonderful news!  God has selected Nancy Maloney to be the Weekend Leader of Women's #3. Nancy has a delightful presence about her. She has served our Community previously as Assistant Rector for TDFC W#107a; Chief Aux of W#101 and has given the Church, Study and Reunion Groups talks. She currently is serving as Moderator of the North Haven Congregational Church where she is a much-valued leader.



You should go to the Footsteps Communiy tab and click on the "I Want to Serve on Team" button.  You'll be glad you did! 

The First 2 Sets of Weekends were FABULOUS!

If you missed them, the Closings for each of the 4 Weeknds we've held to date have been such a joy!  You'll want to be a part of the team in May!  And any Guests you invite to attend are sure to be blessed.   

Download a Footsteps Brochure

Print on both sides of the paper - flip on the short side

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