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Our Retreat Weekends

The Weekends

Friday 7 pm - Sunday 6 pm

What happens on a weekend?

Speakers - Lay and Clergy

Small Group Discussions

Worship, Prayer and Singing

Fellowship and Fun

Retreat Overview

  • The Weekends are essentially a refresher course in basic Christianity.

  • The Weekend is a tool of God, not an end in itself.

  • The retreats are carefully crafted with inspiring talks on how to make the most out of your walk with Christ.

  • We welcome all participants who have a desire for a closer relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

  • Participants will be inspired through the example of Christian lay leaders.

  • Participants will benefit by sharing a weekend with people of different denominations and perspectives.

  • The weekend focuses on what we have in common in Jesus Christ and respects our differences.

  • We recommend participants be at least 21 years old.

  • Breaking News:  Proof of Vaccinations no longer required.  If you have never had a Covid vaccine, the center just asks that you take a home Covid test two days prior.


Upcoming Weekends

Men's #5

Oct. 25 - 27

Women's #5A  

Nov. 15 - 17

Separate retreats helps with open and comfortable conversations.

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Retreat Center

While we enjoy  the use of the Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center, Footsteps in the Sand is an ecumenical Christian organization that welcomes members from many Christian denominations and churches.

Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center

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