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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I expect on the Weekend?

A:  You will get away from the world for a weekend to focus on your walk with Christ with 30-40 great people seeking to do the same thing. The retreats are a joyful time, with great opportunities for praise, that at the same time offers times of serious reflection as you listen to ten speakers share aspects of their Christian walk and then you discuss the talks in a small group.  While the Weekend is experienced collectively, all the bedrooms are private to allow for quiet time.  The Retreat Center has beautiful grounds for a stroll during breaks.  

Q: What happens on a Weekend?

A: You will experience the Weekend sitting at a round table with 5-6 other people.  The participants listen to a series of inspiring talks given by ten speakers, including two clergy, and then discuss the talks with their tablemates.   There are brief chapel services at the begining and end of each day along with lots of opportunities for joyous singing in between.  It is a time to grow closer to Christ and a time to learn from other Christian leaders. 

Q: What denomination is this organization?

A: Footsteps is a non-denominational organization.  While a part of the Body of Christ, we are neither a church nor a denomination.  We seek to live out Christ's prayer in John 17:20-26 where he called for all his followers to be one.  We focus on what we have in common in our Lord Jesus Christ and respect our differences. The only sacrament celebrated is Holy Communion.

Q: Who runs Footsteps in the Sand?

A: Footsteps is a lay-led organization (which is one of the things our clergy members like the most!).  We are an all volunteer non-profit organization.  The lay members serving on the Weekend team actually pay to attend the Weekend the same as you will as a guest.  We come from a variety of churches in the Fairfield County area. 

Q: Why separate Men's & Women's Weekends?

A: Very simply, there are some subjects that men are more comfortable talking about just with other men, and likewise, some subjects that women are uncomfortable talking about with men around.  This is just for the Weekends.  All of our activities are coed otherwise. 

Q: How to ask questions before the weekend?

A: You can email us at

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