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Footsteps Brochure Link

As of 9/9/2022 This link goes to a document stored on the Media Pages of WiX

Link is found on the following pages:

  • Home Page

  • About Us Page

  • What People Are Saying

  • Retreat Weekend

  • Retreat Agenda

  • Footsteps Community Page

  • Women's Weekend Page

  • Men's Weekend Page

  • Member's Page 

          "Information for Footsteps Community Members"

  • Spread the Word​

Login for Member Pages is:   LoveGod1st
PASTOR'S Brochure Link

As of 9/9/2022 This link goes to a document stored on the Media Pages of WiX

Link is found on the following pages:

  • Pastor's Page

  • Retreat Weekend

  • Footsteps Community Page

  • Members Page

        "Information for Footsteps Community Members"

Marketing Posters,Signs, News

Links to Marketing Poster, etc., foung on

  • Members Page (Footsteps Community)

  • Spreading the Word Page

  • Resources Page

Mktg Material on Spreading the Word, Resources, Members Pgs

Origina Posters & Signs are found on GQ computer >Outreach

Some in Publisher, some in word


Material to appear on page has to be jpeg & ownloaded as PDF

 are on Spreading the Word & Resources

Newsleter material has to be in word so they can edit with name of church and contact person. Link is found in Google Drive: WEEKEND MATERIAL>Resources>Promotional Material


Weekend Dates are Listed:

  • The Home Page

  • Retreat Weekend Tab page

  • Footsteps Community Page

  • M & W Team pages

  • Registration Page

  • Member Page

    • Dates themselves

    • Poster

    • Teams Forming Narrative

  • Also the Newsletter pieces linked on the Spreading the Word Page. Can be updated through the link.

Donation Amount

  • Appear on the "Registration" page on this website

  • Also on the "Payment & Donation page (which a page listed just under the HOME page in the when editing pages

Gathering Dates

  • Home Page (bottom)

  • Footsteps Public Community Page

  • Gathering page

Team Lists & Guest Lists

  • Men's Weeked Page

  • Women's Weekend Page

  • Palanca Page

Footsteps Two-Sided Flier Link

As of 9/9/22 The Two-Sided Flier has not been updated to remove the reference to a public FaceBook page (which doesn't exist at this time.  This document has can only be updated by Shelley due to special fonts for the headings. 

Future Ideas for the Website

Public Pages

  • Link to Public Facebook page (once established)

  • Calendar of future events (more than just the next events)

  • President's Blog (Public)

  • Video of people talking about Footsteps and the Weekends

  • Pastor's video for the Pastor's page

Members Only Pages

  • Newsletters

  • Prayer board/ sensitive news

  • Link to private facebook group

  • President's Blog (Internal)

  • Board of Director's

    • Members & Contact Info ?

    • Board Highlights

    • Minutes of board meeting available? (Pretty dull)

  • Small Group: How to  informantion

  • 4th Day Small Group listing

  • Video instruction pieces 



Teams Forming NOW!

The Team Formation process is just begining  for M/W #3 Weekends next spring.  It is through serving on a team that you will get the most benefit from Footsteps in the Sand. It is part of God's economy that in giving you receive. If you thought attending a Weekend was wonderful, then you should know serving on team is even more so.  Having the Lord work through you to touch the lives of others is such an awesome priviledge.  If you get a call, and you feel the Holy Spirit giving you a nudge, then say "YES!"  You will be glad you did.

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Women's Weekend #4

Novemeber 17-19, 2023

Nancy Mahoney (2).jpeg

Nancy Mahoney

Women's #3Team 

Nancy Mahoney

Jessica Bardelli

Marie Strolin

Shelley Welch

Cindy Dodd

Keith Welch

Carol Twiggs 

Emily Konecky 

Carol Mitchell

Kim Gerlander 

Romy Cascella

Connie Umile 

Debi Mastroni-Kenyon 

Phoebe Repetsky

Emy Santos

Nadine Logan

Wendy Cudmore

Brenda Braun

Carla Pierce

Dot Pierce

Lauren Thunem

Weekend Leader

Assistant Weekend Leader

Chief Auxiliary

Music Director

Spiritual Director

Spiritual Director

Your Christian Walk 

The #1 Thing 




Christian Leadership 

Table Leader 

Table Leader





Tech Auxiliary



Leslie Quimby 
Women's # 4 Weekend Leader 

Women's #3 was a HUGE success enjoyed by 36 wonderful ladies and one lucky guy (Keith Welch the Spiritual Director). 

There was an excitement in the air even as people were arriving Friday night and it kept getting better.   It was reported there was a lot of emotional and spiritual healing that was experienced.

Nancy's Lettter
Download a Footsteps Brochure

Print on both sides of the paper - flip on the short side

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