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Make the MOST
of Your Fouth Day

Secuelas are now called “Gatherings”

The easiest way to make the MOST out of your Fourth Day is to attend monthly Gatherings.  They never fail to provide a spiritual boost!  Everything is the same as before, only the name was changed to protect the innocent.  They are held on the 3rd Saturday at 6:45. Right now they are still on Zoom, but we look forward to being back in person very soon.

Be in a Small Group

To make the MOST of your Fourth Day you do need to be in a regularly meeting small group where you can share your walk with Christ.  There are many different types.  

Say “YES” to 10 Times Better!

Everyone in the know agrees, saying “YES” to serving on a Weekend Team is THE BEST way to make the MOST out of your Fourth Day.  One Spiritual Director proclaimed that it is 10 times better than the Weekend itself.  Lifelong friendships develop, hearts are touched through the sharing of stories, and leaders are developed for the local church.  

Be a Blessing

Remember the notes piled on your bed on your Weekend?  Remember the amazing group of singers that sang to you at Chapel on Sunday morning?  Remember the community gifts (and candy) that were shared at your tables?  They were real blessings on your Weekend.  So that is their new name, “Blessings”.  A terrific way to get the MOST out of your Fourth Day is to be a Blessing to the people on the Weekend.  Find out more on how to support a Weekend and be a Blessing:

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