Weekend Support

Blessings Notes

Who can forget the JOY that came to you on your Weekend in the form on the Palanca Notes on your bed.  Now you can pass on that joy by writing Blessing Notes (the new name) to the Team and Guests of our upcoming Christian Renewal Weekends.


Blessing Notes will be distributed three times during the Weekend, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Handwritten notes seem to be the most appreciated.  One alternate some use is to print out a particular poem or meaningful meme for all to recieve and then add a short handwritten message for the personal touch.  To learn more about sending Blessing Notes click below. Stay current on Team & Guest changes.


Conference Room Blessings

Conference Room Blessings are small items can be passed out to the Guests in the Conference Room.  These would be small gifts like small flowers, candy, noise makers, pins, etc.  Please include a letter that can be read by an Aux at the podium as well as your Name, Weekend #, and church. 

Conference Room Blessings can be brought to the Blessings drop-off on the left side of OLC beside the  Blessings Note Box.        

Be sure that there are no obstructions in front of any of the doors. The OLC staff cannot accept drop-offs before the Weekend.

                           Please respect the quiet of OLC and the Sisters who are graciously welcoming us into their home.

The Serenade is Coed ! 

New Guidelines

Open to all community members (co-ed) who are vaxed and boosted.  Arrive by 7:10 a.m., following directions from signs and Auxiliaries.  Parking is in the Upper Lot, Lower Parking Lot (½ way up driveway), and only the right side of the driveway as you drive up the hill so we maintain a fire lane in case of emergencies. 

For the spring weekends, all Serenade singers will wear masks.

COVID protocol: Singers will gather at the far end of the upper lot to enjoy fellowship, coffee, donut holes and song practice. Everyone will sign the poster! If it's raining, there will be a small pop up tent to protect the poster signing and coffee - bring an umbrella for fellowship & practice time.   Singers will enter and leave the chapel directly from the outside using the side entrances. Listen carefully for how to line up (7:40).


The song is the same with a slight word change.  As we will now be co-ed, the singers will no longer be wishing they were St Peter/St John or St Theresa/St Joan.  Smile!! (They will see the smile in your eyes. Even with the mask on.)



Update: Saturday 5/21/22  

Open to all vaxxed & boosted community members. Arrive by 3:45 p.m. for the closing at 4:00 p.m.  Due to the hot weather, OLC is letting us have the closing indoors. OLC had asked that we have the Closing OUTSIDE due to COVID, but they had not planned on the hot weather.  The important thing is, if indoors then EVERYONE who comes must be vaxxed and boosted. If the weather turns out to be not that bad, we MIGHT have the closing outside, so bring a lawn chair, just in case. 

Parking is in the Upper Lot, Lower Parking Lot (½ way up driveway), and only the right side of the driveway as you drive up the hill.  The side closer to the building needs to stay clear for emergency vehicles. If indoors, then you enter QUIETLY through the main entrance.  If outdoor, walk around the left side of the building (past the Chapel) to the grassy area.  Either way, masks are optional, but recommended if indoors. 


                        Please respect the quiet of OLC and the Sisters who are graciously welcoming us into their home.

Directions to OLC

Our Lady of Calvary Retreat Center

31 Colton Street, Farmington, CT 06032 


From Rt. 84 East or West 

  1. Traveling on Rte. I-84 either East or West, take Exit 39 and follow straight through onto CT Rte. 4-West to Farmington Center. 

  2. Turn left onto Rte. 10 (Main Street).  

  3. Follow along Main Street, through a traffic light to the United Church of Christ on the left-hand side.  

  4. Turn left onto Colton Street, which is the second left after the church.  The Retreat House driveway is 2/10 (0.2) miles up this street on the left.  It is a shared driveway; be sure to bear right and go up the hill.  At the top of the hill, with the house on your left, take the second driveway on your right which leads to the main parking lot.  Handicap accessible parking is located directly in front of the house.


From Crooked Street area - Eastbound

  1. From Rt. 84 East, take the Crooked Street/Plainville Route 372 Exit, number 34. 

  2. At the end of the ramp, turn left.

  3. At the next light, turn left onto Rt. 372.

  4. Continue straight through the next three lights. You’ll see Big Y, Kohl’s and Wendy’s.

  5. At the next light (Citgo station), turn right onto Cooke Street.

  6. At the next light (Mobil station), bear right onto Rt. 10 North.

  7. At next light (Silo restaurant), continue straight, traveling past Highland Park Plaza.  

  8. Continue straight through the next light (Meadow Road). 

  9. Take the very first right onto Hatters Lane (very narrow road).  

  10. Take first left onto Colton Street. The Retreat House is .1 mile up on the right.


Traveling Rt. 9 North

  1. Take Exit 28 (Rt. 72 West/Bristol). 

  2. Stay in the middle lane until after the Rt. 84 exit.

  3. Then stay in the right lane on 72 West to Exit 2 (Rt. 372) 

  4. Go to the lane marked Cooke Street at the light.

  5. Turn left onto Rt. 372 West

  6. At next light, turn right onto Cooke Street. (Gas station will be on your right, J. Timothy’s across the street at the corner).

  7. Follow Cooke Street to the Route 10 junction.

  8. Stay on Rt. 10 North to Hatters Lane.

  9. Turn right onto Hatters Lane.

  10. Turn left onto Colton Street (first left before going up hill).

The Retreat House is on the right.