Blessings Notes
(old Palanca)

How to Send Blessings Notes

Who can forget the JOY that came to you on your Weekend in the form on the Palanca Notes on your bed.  Now you can pass on that joy by writing Blessing Notes (the new name) to the Team and Guests of our upcoming Christian Renewal Weekends. 

Blessing Notes will be distributed three times during the Weekend, two on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Handwritten notes seem to be the most appreciated.  One alternate some use is to print out a particular poem or meaningful meme for all to recieve and then add a short handwritten message for the personal touch. 

The easiest way to "send" your Blessings Notes is to give them to a Team member or someone you know who is already going up to OLC.  Just remeber to allow extra time if sending it to the person by mail.  It is anticipated we will always post an address of a Team Member who you could mail items to if you don't have a Team member at your church. 

We recommend that Members get together for “Blessing parties” to enjoy fellowship with each other as you create Blessings for the Team and Guests.

Please do not include gifts within the Blessings Notes unless you are sending one to each person.  Since there may be 36 people on the Weekend, the Auxes would appreciate it if the gifts going to people's bedroom be small and lightweight (bookmarks, pins, etc.) as they have a long way to walk.  Heavy or bulky items are best passed out in the Conference Room. 

An excellent way to feel a part of the Weekend is to drive your Blessing Notes up to OLC during the Weekend playing praise music in your car as you drive up and back.  (Just don't drive up BEFORE the Weekend as OLC is not set up to receive items before the Weekend.)  To deliver Blessings during the Weekend, enter the grounds of OLC and proceed straight up the long driveway, parking in the Upper Parking Lot.  The first side entrance on the left end of the building is where the Blessing Drop Box is located.  An auxiliary will be checking the box regularly during the weekend so that Blessings can be distributed in a timely manner.  The box contains Guest Lists; as well as lists of those Guests and/or Team members needing additional notes.  Please feel free to take one/a few of these lists with you if you will have the opportunity to use it or share it with others.  There is currently no place to write blessings at OLC.


Conference Room Blessing items can be left beside the box, but be sure that there are no obstructions in front of any of the doors.  Be sure large Blessing items are clearly marked “FOR FOOTSTEPS IN THE SAND.”

Please respect the quiet of OLC and the Sisters who are graciously welcoming us into their home.

Check Back Regularly for any Updates on Team or Candidates


Don't Forget PRAYER!

Praying for the Team and Candidates Before - During - After the Weekend is one of the best Blessings of all !!!

Mailing Address:

Mens' # 1 June 3-5

Tom Schadlich: 26 Melrose Avenue; Trumbull, CT 06611

EMail Address:

Tom Schadlich

Keith Welch

John Esposito

Gordon Quimby 

Steve Knowles

Tim Peiffer

Scott Davis

Stefano Basteri

Roger Gagne

Bob O'Neil

Steve Mello

Chuck Schif

John Braun

Steve Lindeberg

Wayne Kenyon

Ed Hendricks

Bob Virgalla

Jim Fernandez

Bob Westervelt

Chris Mehan

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Meet Our New Members!

Donnie Bennett

     Norwalk Church of the Nazarene

Nathan Williams

     Mary Taylor Memorial UMC

Dave Szilagyi

    Bethel UMC



Womens' #1  May 20-22

Mailing Address:

Carla Pierce: 7 Springside Avenue; Danbury, CT 06810


Carla Pierce

Debbie Dubien

Laurie Joy Sharp

Bizzy Bender

Bill Pfohl 

Oscar Destruge

Kim Cain-Moreira

Emily Konecky

Debbie Camp

Shelley Welch

Debi Mastroni-Kenyon

Cathy Hurst

Cathy Welch (new)

Beth Donofrio

Beth O'Brien (change)  

Wendy Holomakoff

Carolyn Stubbs

Audrey Cain

Lorraine Westervelt

Leslie Quimby

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Our New Members!

Debbie Bronkema                   

     Pleasantville Presbyterian Church

Maureen Hendricks Fox         

     St Anthony of Padua, Fairfield CT

Elizabeth "Betty" Hendricks   

     Holy Rosary Ansonia CT

Debbi Schmid                           

     Sacred Heart Danbury CT

Malaika Boyer-Seme                

     New Life Church of Norwalk

Arlette Boyer                             

     New Life Church of Norwalk

Shelcie Charlot                           

     New Life Church of Norwalk

Nelcie Charlot                           

     New Life Church of Norwalk

Lynn Riley                                   

     Norwalk Church of the Nazarene

Erin Volpintesta                         

     Bethel UMC

Kitty Kimmel  (new)

      St. Edward The Confessor. New Fairfield, CT

Christline Edward   (new)

      Norwalk Church of the Nazarene

Aimee Devlin

Kathleen "Katie" Lane

Carol Twiggs